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Mother 'murdered baby daughter after care workers left'

Jennifer Crichton subjected her seven-month-old to a "violent physical assault," prosecutors claim.

Lancashire Police uses Amazon Alexa to deliver updates

The force says the home app is being used to tell "the public about important neighbourhood issues".

South Ribble councillors reject ban on them boozing

The motion is triggered by two colleagues allegedly turning up "smelling of alcohol" in December.

Burnley man held after rhino horns and elephant tusks seized

Rhino horns, elephant tusks and whale teeth were among items seized by police at properties in Burnley.

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Mattis: US national security focus no longer terrorism

The defence secretary says competition between great powers is now the primary focus.

Pope Francis 'slander' comment angers Chile abuse victims

Francis said there was no evidence a Chilean bishop had covered up another priest's actions.

Pakistan Zainab murder: DNA suggests suspect in other case was 'innocent'

DNA tests suggest the real killer could be linked to several other killings - and still at large.

Turkey steps up Syria shelling as invasion of Afrin looms

It says it marks the start of a planned invasion of northern Syria to wipe out Kurdish fighters.